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In the Woods, the Fields, on the Shore. Stalking Animals and Birds

Categories: Vi Making Friends With The Outdoor Folk

There is but one way to make friends with the folk of the wild, and that

is by gentleness, kindness, and quietness. Also one must learn to be

fearless. It is said that while animals may not understand our language

they do understand, or feel, our attitude toward them; and if it is that

of fear or dislike we stand little chance of really knowing them, to say

nothing of establishing any kind of friendly relations with them. By
br /> quiet watchfulness, keenness of sight and hearing, you may obtain a

certain amount of knowledge of their ways, but when you add real

sympathy and kindly feeling you gain their confidence and friendship.

Make them understand that you will not interfere with or harm them, and

they will go about their own affairs unafraid in your presence. Then you

may silently watch their manner of living, their often amusing habits,

and their frank portrayal of character. As a guest in the wild,

conducting yourself as a courteous guest should, you will be well

treated by your wild hosts, some of whom, in time, may even permit you

to feed and stroke them. They do not dislike but fear you; they would

rather be your friends than your enemies. The baby animal which has not

yet learned to fear a human being will sometimes, when in danger, run to

you for protection. This must win your heart if nothing else can.