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Hints On Baiting The Steel Trap


There is a very common and erroneous idea current among amateur

sportsmen and others in regard to the baiting of the steel trap;

viz., that the pan of the trap is intended for the bait. This

was the old custom in the traps of bygone times, but no modern

trap is intended to be so misused, and would indeed often defeat

its object in such a case, wherein it will be easily

seen. The object of the professional trappe
is the acquisition

of furs; and a prime fur skin should be without break or bruise,

from nose to tail. A trap set as above described, would of course

catch its victim by the head or neck, and the fur would be more

or less injured at the very spot where it should be particularly

free from blemish.

The true object of the steel trap is, that it shall take the animal

by the leg, thus injuring the skin only in a part where it is

totally valueless.

We give, then, this imperative rule--Never bait a steel trap on

the pan.

The pan is intended for the foot of the game, and in order to

insure capture by this means, the bait should be so placed as that

the attention of the animal will be drawn away from the trap;

the latter being in such a position as will cause the victim to

step in it when reaching for the tempting allurement.

There are several ways of doing this, one of which we here illustrate.

A pen of stakes, in the shape of the letter V, is first constructed.

The trap is then set in the angle, and the bait attached to the

end stake directly over it. Another method is shown in the picture

on our title-page to this section, the bait being suspended on a

stick above the trap. There are various other methods on the same

principle, which will be described hereafter, under the titles of

the various game.