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Another Box Trap


This works after the manner of the ordinary wire rat-trap; our

illustration explains itself.

The box should be of the shape there shown, with one of its end

pieces arranged on hinges so as to fall freely. An elastic should

be fastened from the inside of this end to the inner surface of

the top of the box, to insure its closing. If desired an elastic

may be adjusted at the side as show
in the cut and a catch piece

of stout tin should be attached to the bottom of the trap to secure

the lid when it falls. A small hole should then be bored in the

top, near the further end of the trap, and

the spindle, having a notch on its upper end, passed through the

hole thus made. The top of the spindle is shown at (a). It should

be held in its place by a small plug or pin through it, below the

surface of the box. A slender stick, long enough to reach and catch

beneath the notch in the spindle should now be fastened to the lid

and the trap is complete. It may be baited with cheese, bread,

and the like, and if set for squirrels, an apple answers every


When constructed on a larger and heavier scale it may be used for

the capture of rabbits and animals of a similar size, but for this

purpose the previous variety is preferable.