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Bamboo Fire-Saw

Categories: Xiv Happy And Sane Sunday In Camp

Part of an old bamboo fishing-rod will supply material for the fire-saw.

Cut off a piece of bamboo about fifteen inches long, split it, and

sharpen the edge of one piece to a knife-like thinness. Lay the other

half down with the curved surface up and cut a slit in it through which

the sharp edge of the saw can be passed. One or two girls can work this.

When there are two, one girl holds the slit bamboo down firmly, while

the other does the sawing (Fig. 81).

Put a little wad of tinder on a dry leaf and arrange it where the

powdered sawdust will fall on it. When the powder becomes sufficiently

hot there will be sparks and these, falling into the tinder, can be

fanned into a flame by waving your hand over it. You will not see the

spark but when smoke arises you will know that it is there. Fan gently,

else you will blow the fire out, and keep on fanning until your flame is