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Bird-Call Match

Categories: Xiii Camp Fun And Frolics

In a camp where the members are all familiar with the calls of the

various wild birds, a bird-call match makes a charming game when the

party is gathered around the camp-fire. The leader begins by whistling

or singing the call of a wild bird; if it can be put into words so much

the better. For instance, we will take the first few notes of the

wood-thrush, which F. Schuyler Mathews has put into notes and words as


If the leader is correct the next player gives the call of another bird.

When a player gives a bird call which is known to be incorrect--that is,

absolutely wrong--and some one else can supply the proper rendering, the

first player is dropped from the game just as a person is dropped out of

a spelling-match when she misspells a word. If there is no one who can

give the call correctly, she retains her place. This is excellent

training in woodcraft as well as a fascinating game. Your ears will be

quickened to hear and to identify the bird calls by playing it; and

storing bird notes in your memory for use in the next bird-call match

will become a habit.