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Around the Camp-Fire

Categories: Xiii Camp Fun And Frolics

When darkness creeps through the woods, closing in closer and closer;

when it blots out, one by one, the familiar landmarks and isolates the

little camp in a sea of night, with the mutual wish for nearer

companionship, we gather around the camp-fire, the one light in all the

great darkness. We are grateful for its warmth, as the evenings are

chill, and its cheery blaze and crackle bring a feeling of hominess

and comfort welcome to every one. If there are men in the party they

light their pipes and then begin the stories of past experiences on the

trail, which are of the keenest interest to all campers. These stories,

told while one gazes dreamily into the glowing coals of the fire or

looks beyond the light into the mysterious blackness of the forest, have

a charm that is wanting under different surroundings. The stories are

not confined to the men, for in these days when girls and women are also

on the trail, they too can relate things worth the telling.