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Categories: X On And In The Water

A strong, healthy girl will no more need cushions and canoe-chairs than

a boy, but a back rest is not always to be despised. It is well to

have a large sponge aboard for bailing and for cleaning.

At a portage or "carry," the canoe is carried overland on the shoulders,

and though some guides scorn to use a carrier, others are glad of them.

There are several styles, one being the neck-yoke carrier, another the

pneumatic canoe-yoke. The pneumatic yoke, when not inflated with air,

can be rolled into a bundle three by six inches, and when inflated it

can also be used for a canoe-seat, a camp-seat, and even for a pillow.

Its weight is two pounds and the catalogue price is three dollars and

twenty-five cents.