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After Respiration Begins

Categories: Xii Accidents

With returning breath the first corner in recovery has been turned, but

the after treatment is very important. To restore circulation, begin by

rubbing the limbs _upward_ with a firm pressure. This sends the blood to

the heart. Warmth must now be supplied by blankets heated before a fire,

and hot stones or bricks may be placed at the thighs and at the soles of

the feet. Or the patient should be wrapped in a warm blanket, placed on

a stretcher, carried to camp, or to a house, and put to bed. Here

hot-water bottles may be used, and as soon as it is possible for her to

swallow, if nothing else can be obtained, give a little strong, hot

coffee, unsweetened and without milk. Lastly, keep the patient quiet and

let her sleep.