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Hitching Tie

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If the hitching tie is properly made, and the knot turned to the _right_
of the post, the stronger the pull on the long end of the rope, the
tighter the hold, and the loop will not slip down even on a smooth,
plain post. If the knot is turned to the left, or is directly in front,
the loop will not pull tight and will slide down. For the reason that
the loop will tighten, the _hitching tie_ should never be used around
the neck of a horse, as it might pull tight and the animal be strangled.

In making the hitching tie, first pass the rope from left to right
around the post, tree, or stump; bring it together and hold in the left
hand. The left hand is represented by the arrow (Fig. 71). With the
right hand throw the short end of the rope across the ropes in front of
the left hand, forming a loop below the left hand (Fig. 72). Slip the
right hand through this loop, grasp the rope just in front, and pull it
back to form a bight, as you make a chain-stitch in crocheting (Fig.
73). Down through this last bight pass the end of the rope and pull the
knot tight (Fig. 74).

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