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How to Know Your Camera

Category: Ix On The Trail With Your Camera

The camera once bought and in your hands, the next thing to do is to
become thoroughly acquainted with it. With your camera you are entitled
to a little book of instructions. Take your camera and the book, sit
down alone, and give them your entire attention. Read the book carefully
and, at the same time, carry out the instructions while the camera is
unloaded, that is, without the film. If the size of the diaphragm can be
changed, change it and look into the lens to see the effect; also try
adjusting the shutter and watch the lens for the effect of instantaneous
and time exposures. Try the focussing scale, locate some image in the
finder, and practise holding the camera pressed closely against your
body, pointing neither up nor down, tipping neither to one side nor the
other, but aimed directly at the object you are supposed to be
photographing. Then try turning the key which brings the film exposures
into position.

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