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Treading Water

Categories: X On And In The Water

In treading water you maintain an upright position as in walking. Some

one says: "To tread water is like running up-stairs rapidly." Try

running up-stairs and you will get the leg movement. While the water is

up to your neck, bend your elbows and bring your hands to the surface,

then keep the palms pressing down the water. The principle is the same

as in swimming. When you swim you force the water back with your hands

nd feet and so send your body forward. When you tread water you force

the water _down_ with your hands and feet and so send your body, or keep

it, up.

It is even possible to stand quite still in deep water when you learn to

keep your balance. All you do is to spread out your arms at the sides on

a line with your shoulders and keep your head well back. You may go

below the surface once or twice until you learn, but you will come up

again and the feat is well worth while. What an outdoor girl should

strive for is to become thoroughly at home in the water so that she may

enter it fearlessly and know what to do when she is there.