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Categories: Xiii Camp Fun And Frolics

It is warranted to put in circulation even the most sluggish blood and

to warm the coldest feet, and it is fine for the almost frosty weather

we sometimes have in the mountains.

The players form a circle in marching order; that is, each girl faces

the back of another, with a space between every two players.

Trotting-horse, the "It" of the game, stands in the centre of the

circle. When she gives the signal, the players forming the circle begin

to run round and round, keeping the circle intact, while trotting-horse,

always trotting, tries to slip between the ranks, which close up to

prevent her escape. Trotting-horse must trot, not run. If she runs when

making her escape she must go back into the ring and try once more to

break away. When she succeeds fairly in getting through the ranks the

player in front of whom she slips becomes "It" and takes the place of