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Sunlight and Shadow

Categories: Ii Woodcraft

Bearing in mind that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, it

will be comparatively easy to keep your right course by consulting the

sun. A fair idea may also be gained of the time of day by the length of

shadows, if you remember that shadows are long in the morning and

continue to grow shorter until midday, when they again begin to

lengthen, growing longer and longer until night.

To find the direction of the sun on a cloudy day, hold a flat splinter

or your knife blade vertically, so that it is absolutely straight up and

down. Place the point of the blade on your thumb-nail, watch-case, or

other glossy surface; then turn the knife or splinter around until the

full shadow of the flat of blade or splinter falls on the bright

surface, telling the location of the sun.

An open spot where the sun can cast a clear shadow, and an hour when the

sun is not immediately overhead, will give best results.