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Rivers Of Derby

Derbyshire is watered by many delightful streams, which abound with

trout and greyling, the owners of which allow the angler to fish without

the least hesitation on making application and sending in his card.

The River Dove, at "Dove Dale," is as charming a place for a few days

fly fishing as any in the County, and is famed for the pleasing

recollections of the early days of "Walton and Cotton's" rambles on its
br /> banks. There is an inn at the entrance of the Dale, and Mapleton and

Ashbourne convenient stations. The flies to suit the Dove are, small

duns of various sorts, greys, and browns, as described in my list for

the season, there cannot be better flies for it if made to answer the

state of the water.

The beautiful river Wye, at the town of "Bakewell," is a capital stream

for the fly, and many a good angler makes his appearance here in the

drake season; the winged larva and May fly in the engraving would do

well on windy days, when the natural May fly did not show itself in

great numbers; my list for the season will be found excellent ones for

the Wye.

The Derwent is also another nice fly-fishing stream for trout and fine

greyling; the best places to proceed to fish would be Baslow and Rowsley

Bridge, my list of flies will suit it well.