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High-Bush Blueberry

Categories: Vii Wild Food On The Trail

On the _high-bush blueberry_ the color of the berries varies. Some

bushes bear a black, shiny berry, others a smooth, blue, and still

others blue with a bloom. The sizes differ also. The berries grow in

clusters, at times on branches almost bare of leaves; some are sweet,

others sour. The leaves are a pointed oval with the under side lighter

in color than the upper; in some cases the under side is hairy. The

flowers are pinkish and shaped somewhat like a cylinder. The bush grows

occasionally to the height of ten feet, and you will generally find it

in marshy places. I know that it grows by the edge of Teedyuskung Lake

in Pike County, Pa., where our summer camp is located, but it is found

also in pasturelands.