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Camping Articles

Lighting The Fire Without A Match
A fire-lighting contest is the best of camp sports, for...

Quail Snare
which forms the subject of our first illustration. This...

Bark Shanty
This is made by first driving into the ground two forke...

Animals Found On The Trail
The animals most frequently seen in the woods where the...

Banded Rattlesnake
The mountains of Pennsylvania are a favorite resort of ...

How To Chop Wood
Trailing and camping both mean wood-chopping to some ex...

The woodcock, another forest bird, seldom shows himself...

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Xii Accidents

Hitching Tie
Sprains. Bruises. Burns. Cuts. Sunstroke. Drowning
Sprains and Bruises
Fireman's Lift
When an Artery is Cut
The Tourniquet
Emergency Stretchers
Burns and Scalds
Heat Prostration and Sunstroke
Cinder or Foreign Substance in the Eye
Drowning--Shafer Method
After Respiration Begins