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Camping Articles

Tents in almost endless variety of shapes and sizes are...

Dug-out Or Log Canoe
It's general appearance is well indicated by the accomp...

Hoop Nooses
This is a variation from the above, the noose being att...

No-see-um. Punky. Midge
There is another pest of the North Woods which the guid...

Look At The Date On Your Film
Even the best photographer cannot take good photographs...

The rattlesnake appears to vary in color and markings i...

Wild Strawberry
When crossing sandy knolls or open, uncultivated fields...

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Xii Accidents

Hitching Tie
Sprains. Bruises. Burns. Cuts. Sunstroke. Drowning
Sprains and Bruises
Fireman's Lift
When an Artery is Cut
The Tourniquet
Emergency Stretchers
Burns and Scalds
Heat Prostration and Sunstroke
Cinder or Foreign Substance in the Eye
Drowning--Shafer Method
After Respiration Begins