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My first experience with wood-ticks, jiggers, and Jer...

The Fool's Cap Trap
Of all oddities of the trap kind, there is, perhaps, no...

Square Knots. Hitching Knots. Other Knots
Every outdoor girl should know what knots to use for ...

For an entire summer camp army cots which fold for pack...

One of the most important trees for the trailer to know...

The Double Box Snare
This is another embodiment of the same principle which ...

The simplest method of stopping the nosebleed is to hol...

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Xii Accidents

Hitching Tie
Sprains. Bruises. Burns. Cuts. Sunstroke. Drowning
Sprains and Bruises
Fireman's Lift
When an Artery is Cut
The Tourniquet
Emergency Stretchers
Burns and Scalds
Heat Prostration and Sunstroke
Cinder or Foreign Substance in the Eye
Drowning--Shafer Method
After Respiration Begins