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In the mountains of Pennsylvania the most troublesome i...

The Trail
The object of the trail consists in offering a leading ...

The spruce, red, black, and white, differs in many resp...

Mountain Blackberry
There is another variety called the _mountain blackberr...

Loading The Camera
Learn how to load and to unload, first without unrollin...

A strong, healthy girl will no more need cushions and c...

My first experience with wood-ticks, jiggers, and Jer...

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Xii Accidents

Hitching Tie
Sprains. Bruises. Burns. Cuts. Sunstroke. Drowning
Sprains and Bruises
Fireman's Lift
When an Artery is Cut
The Tourniquet
Emergency Stretchers
Burns and Scalds
Heat Prostration and Sunstroke
Cinder or Foreign Substance in the Eye
Drowning--Shafer Method
After Respiration Begins