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Finding Your Way By Natural Signs And The Compass
An important phase of woodcraft is the ability to find ...

There are many species of squirrels found in the United...

The Indian Or Birch-bark Canoe
Where the white birch grows in perfection, and the tree...

The Gopher
This remarkable little animal somewhat resembles the Mo...

The accidents that most frequently happen are simple cu...

Look At The Date On Your Film
Even the best photographer cannot take good photographs...

Primitive Weaving Method
For tying the logs together use the primitive weaving m...

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The Platform Snare
The Sieve Trap
The Brick Trap
The Coop Trap
The Bat Fowling Net
The Clap Net
The Bird Whistle
The Wild Goose Trap
The Trap Cage
The Spring Net Trap
A Simpler Net Trap
The Upright Net Trap
The Box Owl Trap
The Box Bird Trap
The Pendent Box Trap
The Hawk Trap
The Wild Duck Net
The Hook Trap
The Fool's Cap Trap
Bird Lime