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Wild Plums. Canada Plum
There is a wild plum that is found in our New England S...

Tips of balsam broken off with your fingers about fourt...

Stepping In And Out Of A Boat
To step on the gunwale (the edge of the boat) will natu...

Fish Oil
This is especially useful in the capture of the majorit...

Fish-hawk, Osprey
On the shore you will also find the fish-hawk, or ospre...

The inner bark and the root of the _slippery-elm_ are n...

The Hawk Trap
Our illustration represents a hawk in a sad plight. ...

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The Sieve Trap
The Brick Trap
The Coop Trap
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The Spring Net Trap
A Simpler Net Trap
The Upright Net Trap
The Box Owl Trap
The Box Bird Trap
The Pendent Box Trap
The Hawk Trap
The Wild Duck Net
The Hook Trap
The Fool's Cap Trap
Bird Lime