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What To Photograph And How
You cannot depend entirely upon your memory to recall...

Shellbark. Shagbark
The _shellbark_ or shagbark hickory-nut is one of the b...

The Common Box Trap
which have not been covered by any of the previous tit...

Color Values In Photographs
Another thing to remember is that, unless in broad sunl...

When An Artery Is Cut
When an artery is cut the wound is more serious and the...

While the _butternut-tree_ is much like the walnut in g...

Pure drinking water you _must_ have, it is of _vital_ i...

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The Platform Snare
The Sieve Trap
The Brick Trap
The Coop Trap
The Bat Fowling Net
The Clap Net
The Bird Whistle
The Wild Goose Trap
The Trap Cage
The Spring Net Trap
A Simpler Net Trap
The Upright Net Trap
The Box Owl Trap
The Box Bird Trap
The Pendent Box Trap
The Hawk Trap
The Wild Duck Net
The Hook Trap
The Fool's Cap Trap
Bird Lime