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The Scow
The bateau we have above described is built so as to al...

Canoes And Canoeing
If you are to own a canoe select it carefully; consult ...

Movements In Swimming
If you are learning alone, begin in quiet, shallow wate...

Good cocoa may be made by substituting cold milk and co...

Shutter Speed
To photograph objects in rapid motion such as flying bi...

Sprains. Bruises. Burns. Cuts. Sunstroke. Drowning
One learns quickly how to take care of oneself while ...

Dug-out Or Log Canoe
It's general appearance is well indicated by the accomp...

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The Net Trap
Snares Or Moose Traps
Quail Snare
Hoop Nooses
The Twitch-up
The Poacher's' Snare
The Portable Snare
The Simplest Snare
The Quail Snare
The Box Snare
The Double Box Snare
The Old-fashioned Springle
The Improved Springle
The Figure Four Ground Snare