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Wintergreen. Checkerberry
Almost every one knows the little cherry-red _wintergre...

Jigger. Redbug. Mite
The tiny mite called by the natives jigger and redbug i...

Red Mulberry
Although the finest _mulberry-trees_ are said to be fou...

Like the two foregoing this plant is valuable for its s...

There is the little field-mouse, a short-eared and shor...

Then there are dopes to be rubbed over the face, neck, ...

Fly Paper
A sheet of common paper, smeared with a mixture compose...

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Ix On The Trail With Your Camera

What to Photograph and How
Selecting a Camera
How to Know Your Camera
Loading the Camera
Count the Turns of the Key
Be Economical with Your Films
Plan Your Pictures to Illustrate Your Trip
Color Values in Photographs
Photographing Wild Animals
Shutter Speed
Set Your Camera Like a Trap
Taking the Picture
Photographing the Trail
Timing Without a Watch
Photographing Flowers and Ferns