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In the mountains of Pennsylvania the most troublesome i...

It is warranted to put in circulation even the most slu...

Oil Of Amber
This substance is frequently referred to in the followi...

Treading Water
In treading water you maintain an upright position as i...

The Grappling Iron
This answers the same purpose as the above, and is o...

Mountain Climbing
The campers should go together to climb the mountain, n...

Check List Of Personal Camp Property
One note-book and pencil for taking notes on ...

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Ix On The Trail With Your Camera

What to Photograph and How
Selecting a Camera
How to Know Your Camera
Loading the Camera
Count the Turns of the Key
Be Economical with Your Films
Plan Your Pictures to Illustrate Your Trip
Color Values in Photographs
Photographing Wild Animals
Shutter Speed
Set Your Camera Like a Trap
Taking the Picture
Photographing the Trail
Timing Without a Watch
Photographing Flowers and Ferns