The oat plant belongs to the grass family. It is a hardy plant and, under good conditions, a vigorous grower. It stands cold and wet better than any other cereal except possibly rye. Oats like a cool, moist climate. In warm climates, oats do be... Read more of Oats at Sustainable Farming.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Blindfold Obstacle Walk
Another amusing camp sport is the blindfold obstacle wa...

It is warranted to put in circulation even the most slu...

How To Trap
In the following pages will be found full and ample dir...

Frost-grape Or Chicken-grape
If you try to eat the _frost-grapes_ before frost you w...

Bowl Traps
Very effective extempore traps may be set up in a few m...

Camping Dress
The most serviceable and practical dress for camping is...

My first experience with wood-ticks, jiggers, and Jer...

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Iv What To Wear On The Trail

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