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Kentucky Bread
Kentucky bread is made of flour, salt, and water. It is...

Check List Of Kitchen Utensils
Two dish-pans, one for piping-hot sudsy water...

The Sieve Trap
This device certainly possesses one great advantage:--i...

The Spring Net Trap
Although slightly complicated in construction, our next...

Coyote, Prairie-wolf
The coyote, or prairie-wolf, is about the size of a lar...

Selecting A Camera
In selecting a camera remember that every ounce in weig...

Running Swamp Blackberry
Perhaps you have seen the blackberry with fruit so smal...

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Footprints or Tracks
How to Chop Wood
How to Chop Logs
How to Fell a Tree
Etiquette of the Wild
Finding Your Way by Natural Signs and the Compass
Sunlight and Shadow
Use of Compass
Make a Compass of Your Watch
Mountain Climbing
Lost in the Woods