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One of the sweetest and most delicately flavored of our...

The Improved Springle
The accompanying cut illustrates an improvement on t...

The winner of the race should be given a medal as a pri...

Camp Cooking. Provisions
In the woods one is generally hungry except immediately...

For girl campers the light-weight, pure-woollen underwe...

Sliced bacon freshly cut is best; do not bring it to ca...

The Clap Net
In Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, this trap is...

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Campaign Life In The Wilderness.
Household Traps.
I Trailing
Ii Woodcraft
Iii Camping
Iv What To Wear On The Trail
Ix On The Trail With Your Camera
Miscellaneous Traps.
Snares Or Moose Traps.
Steel Traps And The Art Of Trapping.
The Trapper's Miscellany.
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Traps For Large Game.
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Vi Making Friends With The Outdoor Folk
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Viii Little Foes Of The Trailer
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Xi Useful Knots And How To Tie Them
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Xiv Happy And Sane Sunday In Camp