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Yellow Lady's-Slipper

Category: Viii Little Foes Of The Trailer

Growing in bogs and low woods from Maine to Minnesota and Washington,
southward to Georgia and Missouri, there is a sweet-scented, little
yellow-and-brown flower called the yellow lady's-slipper, the plant of
which is said to have the same effect when handled as poison-ivy. This
flower is an orchid. The stalk, from one to two feet high, bears a
single blossom at the top, and the leaves, shaped and veined like those
of the lily-of-the-valley, grow alternately down the stem. The plant
does not branch. Like the ivy, the yellow lady's-slipper does not poison
every one.

I know of no other wild plants that are poisonous to the touch; the
following will poison only if taken inwardly.

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