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For girl campers the light-weight, pure-woollen underwear is best,
especially if you locate in the mountains, or the Canadian or Maine
forests. On cold days two light-weight union garments are warmer than
one of heavy weight. Wool is never clammy and cold, it absorbs
perspiration and when on the trail prevents the chilly feeling often
experienced when halting for a rest in the forest.

Union garments may be obtained in a variety of weights, and a one-piece
suit is the only garment necessary to wear under bloomers and middy when
at camp.

Leave corsets at home, they have no place in the outdoor life, and you
will be freer if you discard the dress skirt when at camp and on the
trail. Have your muscles free, be able to take in long, deep breaths, to
move readily all portions of your body, and not be hampered in any way
by ill-fitting, uncomfortable clothing. There must be unrestricted
freedom of arms and limbs for a girl to be able to use them easily in
climbing mountains or hills, scrambling over fallen trees, sliding over
rocks, jumping from stone to stone, or from root to half-sunken log on
wet trails of the forest.

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