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The Parcel Slip-Knot

Category: Xi Useful Knots And How To Tie Them

This is the simplest of all knots to start with in tying up a parcel.
Begin by making a knot about one inch from the end of your twine, using
the single tie like _F_ (Fig. 65). If this does not make the knot large
enough use the figure-eight knot. The single tie is sufficient in
ordinary cases. Wrap your twine once around your parcel, lapping the
long twine over the knotted end as in _G_. Bring the knotted end over
the long twine, forming a bight, then _over_ and _under_ its own twine
with the single tie (_H_). Draw the tie up close to the knot at the end;
the knot prevents it from slipping off. Now the long twine may be drawn
tight or loosened at will, and will hold the first wrap in place while
the twine is being wrapped around the package in a different place.

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