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The One-Day Camp

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Even a one-day camp fills the hours with more genuine lasting enjoyment
than girls can find in other ways; there is a charm about it which
clings in your memory, making a joy, later, of the mere thought and
telling of the event.

That every moment of the day may be filled full of enjoyment for all,
have a good programme, some definite, well-thought-out plan of
activities and sports previously prepared, and if possible let every
girl know beforehand just what she is to do when all arrive at camp.

With an older person in charge, the party could be divided, according to
its size, into different groups, and as soon as the grounds are reached
the groups should begin the fun of preparing for the camp dinner.

If the party consists of eight, two can gather fire-wood, two build the
fireplace, two unpack the outfits, placing the provisions and cooking
utensils in order conveniently near the fire, and two can bring the
drinking water and cooking water.

Provisions and cooking utensils should be divided into as many packs as
there are campers, and every camper carry a pack. Count in the outfit
for each one a tin cup, preferably with open handle for wearing over

In the one-day camp very few cooking utensils are needed; they may
consist of two tin pails, one for drinking water, the other for boiling
water, one coffee-pot for cocoa, one frying-pan for flapjacks or eggs,
one large kitchen knife for general use, and one large spoon for
stirring batter and cocoa.

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