The Buffalo

The Buffaloes or Bison of the Western plains is too well known

to need description. They travel in migrating herds of thousands,

and are found from Texas to British America. Their food

consists chiefly of grass, of which the Buffalo grass is their

great delight. They graze and travel through the day and rest by

night. They are more the game of the hunter than the trapper, although

the largest side Newhouse would effectually secure one of the animals.

The Buffalo is generally hunted on horseback, the usual method

being that of stealing into the drove while grazing, always moving

against the wind in order to avoid being scented. The flesh is

palatable and by many much relished. The Buffalo skins of commerce

are furnished by the cows. The bull skins are almost devoid of fur

on the hinder parts, the hair being confined to the huge heavy

mass on the hump and mane. Skin the animal as described for the