Make a bag one-half yard square of brown linen or cotton cloth, and when

you reach camp, gather the best browse you can find for filling, but be

careful about having the pillow too full; keep it soft and comfortable.

If there is no browse, use clean underwear in its place. Fasten the open

end of the bag together with large-sized patent dress snappers.

One of the pleasantest phases of a season's camping are the little

trips for overnight. You hit the trail that leads to the chosen spot

located some two or three, perhaps six or seven, miles distant; a place

absolutely dry, where you can enjoy the fun of sleeping on the ground

without shelter, having merely the starry sky for a canopy. Each girl

can select the spot where she is to sleep and free it from all twigs,

stones, etc., as the smallest and most insignificant of these will rob

her of sleep and make the night most uncomfortable. When the space is

smooth mark the spot where the shoulders rest when lying down and

another spot immediately under the hips, then dig a hollow for each to

fit in easily; cover the sleeping space with poncho, rubber side down,

and over this lay a folded blanket for a mattress, using the second

blanket as a cover. Your sleep will then probably be sound and