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Category: Xiv Happy And Sane Sunday In Camp

The leader counts 3 to the credit of the girl who first sees a squirrel,
2 for the girl who sees the second one, and 1 for every succeeding
squirrel discovered by any member of the party. A bird counts 6, if
identified 12. A wood-mouse counts 4, when identified 8. A deer 20,
beaver 12, muskrat 8, chipmunk 10, porcupine 14, eagle 30, mink 16,
rabbit 1. The player holding the highest record when reaching the supper
grounds is victor. Keep your records tacked up in your shelter to
compare with those you will make on the following Sunday.

In this game every time a player stumbles on the trail 5 is taken from
her credit; if she falls, she loses 10.

It is a rule of the game that the winner be congratulated by each camper
in turn, that she be crowned with a wreath of leaves, grasses, or vines
and sit at the head of the table. Keep this game for your Sunday
afternoons and play others during the week.

In the evening, as the campers sit quietly around the camp-fire, if the
camp director will talk to the girls gently and seriously for a little
while on some phase of their real life, the talk will be welcome and
appreciated; then just before retiring all should stand while singing
the good-night song.

It is hardly possible to present Sunday plans for each variety of camp
and campers. The suggestions given are for helping girl campers to look
upon Sunday in its true light, and to aid them in working out plans in
accordance with the purpose of the day, that they may enjoy happy, sane
Sundays in camp.

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