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Bean Soup and Baked Beans

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Look over one quart of dried beans, take out all bits of foreign matter
and injured beans; then wash the beans in several waters and put them to
soak overnight in fresh water. Next morning scald 1-1/2 pounds salt
pork, scrape it well, rinse, and with 1 teaspoonful of dried onion or
half of a fresh one, put on to boil with the beans in cold water. Cook
slowly for several hours. When the water boils low, add more boiling
water and boil until the beans are soft.

To make soup, dip out a heaping cupful of the boiled beans, mash them to
a paste, then pour the liquid from the boiled beans over the paste and
stir until well mixed; if too thin add more beans; if too thick add hot
water until of the right consistency, place the soup over the fire to
reheat, and serve very hot. To bake beans, remove the pork from the
drained, partially cooked beans, score it across the top and replace it
in the pot in midst of and extending a trifle above the surface of the
beans, add 1 cup of hot water and securely cover the top of the pot with
a lid or some substitute. Sink the pot well into the glowing coals and
shovel hot coals over all. Add more hot water from time to time if

Beans cooked in a bean hole rival those baked in other ways. Dig the
hole about 1-1/2 feet deep and wide, build a fire in it, and keep it
burning briskly for hours; the oven hole must be _hot_. When the beans
are ready, rake the fire out of the hole; then sink the pot down into
the hole and cover well with hot coals and ashes, placing them all over
the sides and top of the pot. Over these shovel a thick layer of earth,
protecting the top with grass sod or thick blanket of leaves and bark,
that rain may not penetrate to the oven. Let the beans bake all night.

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